The 3 best tourist places in Istanbul for families

1- Istanbul parks

When it comes to spending the most beautiful vacation in the best places in Istanbul for families , Istanbul gardens will be Your favorite destination, especially if you are planning to visit it in the spring season

Istanbul residents used to not miss an opportunity to bask in the meanings of breathtaking beauty these days.

The best places in Turkey for families

That is why you see them leaving their luxurious complexes and luxurious offices, to spread here and there among the embrace of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul, to spread out its green gardens, to smell the scent of roses and winds, and to enjoy their gaze with the wonderful colors that flood them.

Istanbul Gardens

2- Miniaturk in Istanbul

Minya Türk is considered one of, it is closer to an open-air museum displaying miniature models of the most beautiful historical, urban and civilizational monuments that Turkey includes in a wonderful coordination, all this taking into account the smallest details matching the original, which makes it truly the best places in Istanbul for families < / strong>.


That is why the place is often crowded with families visiting from Turkey and abroad throughout the seasons of the year.

Miniaturk Bridge> Miniaturk

3- Aquarium Water Park

Aquarium is located in the Flora district of Bakirkoy municipality in Istanbul near the seashore. The Aquarium Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Middle East, and has been classified as one of the largest aquariums in Europe by size. And the area and the number of marine life it contains.

Where it can accommodate about seven thousand cubic liters of water on an area estimated at 22 thousand square meters, and that within private ponds spread very large sizes accommodate large fish such as sharks, and some other small ponds contain other types of fish and microorganisms and rare …

Istanbul Aquarium = “700” = “466” /
The Aquarium also includes about 15 thousand marine creatures and 1500 species of fish and other such as reptiles and amphibians, including crocodiles, frogs and snakes.These types of animals were classified according to their natural regions to which they belong, such as the Red Sea, Antarctica, the Amazon, the Gulf of Panama and the Pacific Ocean.

The marine life in Istanbul’s Aquarium is also classified according to its presence in the seas surrounding Turkey, which are the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the Marmara Sea.

The Istanbul Aquarium also includes several recreational areas such as restaurants, cafes and shops dedicated to selling souvenirs and games, making it in the eyes of many tourists interested in the best places in Turkey for families .


5 of the best tourist places in Turkey for families

1- Kapadokya

One of the most beautiful memories of a lifetime is those happy moments that you spend with your family. There is no doubt that the city of Cappadocia represents in this area one of the best places in Turkey for families to meet in a unique tourist environment.

Airships of Cappadocia Cappadocia is considered an archaeological and touristic city par excellence, as it has been included on the World Heritage List of the United Nations UNESCO, as Cappadocia embraces many unique attractions such as:

Göreme Turkish Tourist Village

It is characterized by its dazzling view of the seas, mazes and caves, and one of the most important activities suitable for families in Turkey, which one can enjoy in visiting this village, is balloon riding.

Cappadocia Elf Cave

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Myth of the Underground City of Jinn Dernkoyo

The history of the residence of this region dates back to the Bronze Age, and it was famous during the Byzantine Empire in the sixth and seventh centuries AD when Christians hid in its mazes and tunnels to escape from the invaders, and now the place is open to visitors and contains four levels of rooms and mazes, the city of Dernkoyo is one of the best places Tourist in Turkey for families.

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2- Bursa Tourism </ h3>
Bursa is considered one of the most important cities in Turkey , dating back to four thousand years BC, when it was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and was the capital of many religions and civilizations, and from here it was home to many distinctive archaeological and historical monuments.

Bursa Mosque
Bursa has stunning natural beauty and ranks fourth in Turkey in terms of area and advanced technology that is available in it.Bursa is considered one of the important tourist destinations among the best tourist places in Turkey for families . Central.

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The best Turkish cities for families

3- Tourism in Antalya, Antalya

The city of Antalya is located in the south of Turkey, overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, about 518 kilometers from the capital Ankara, and 729 kilometers from the state of Istanbul.


The city has a picturesque nature due to its location between the Taurus Mountains and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, so it combines the beauty of nature and the beauty of the coasts. Kemer, and Alanya, which has beaches extending for a hundred km, and Antalya has other landmarks such as: Ataturk Park, Theme Park, Antalya Museum, and the Aquarium.

All of the above qualifies Antalya to be one of the best places in Turkey for families .

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Tourism in Antalya

4- Fethiye Island

The city of Fethiye is a destination for famous people and the rich around the world, and it is also one of the best Turkish cities for families, as the city includes a group of beautiful small islands, in addition to a group of bays with wonderful terrain.